Selkie Dust

Selkie dust is a unique product, a water reactive pigment, a shading powder AND a texturizing agent all on one. You can sprinkle it onto your project, spray it with water to activate. You can paint with it, you can add it to texture paste or gel medium. This unique propriatary medium allows for creating otherwise impossible effects. There's no limits on what can be achieved with our revolutionary Selkie Dust!

 We invite you to try our Selkie Dust on your works of art! Make certain you use a sealing agent once the Selkie Dust is dry, like a spray on sealer or matte medium. They're very light-fast when sealed.

Available in:

  • Harmony- semi translucent yellow
  • Rusalka- semi translucent red
  • Laguna-opaque blue
  • Adalgio- opaque yellow
  • Delphina- semi opaque violet
  • Celestia- opaque black
  • Lorelei-opaque turquoise
  • Amelia-semi opaque white
  • Serena- semi translucent violet
  • Marina-semi opaque green
  • Narissa- opaque red
  • Coralia-semi opaque purple

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Selkie Dust

1 oz / 30ml. Please allow for up to 10 business days for item dispatch.
  • $6.99

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Tags: pigment, shading powder, texturizing agent