About Kristie

Kristie has always been creative, as a young girl she would sit under her mother's sewing table and make doll clothes with the discarded scraps. She loved to walk in the woods and collected seed pods, sticks and stones and would use these to create "fairy houses". A fascination with earth, water and the spiritual realm has always keep kristies creativity flowing.
When her children were born, Kristie started scrapbooking, as a way to fuel the need to create as well as a way to preserve family memories.
It didnt take long for her to discover mixed media art and thus the creativity really took off and reached new heights of color and possibility.
Kristie loves to mix her own supplies and is lovingly refered to as "the mixologist" amongst her friends. upon encouragement from her husband David, decided to try offering these to others. At first it was just to a few fellow artist friends, but now they are available to anyone.
Kristie Taylor Creations is a family business, with each member of the family taking on roles and helping to mix products.

Kristie has served on many design teams over the years and has been published in several publications.